• Thoroughly review the contract to verify critical dates and ensure it is compliant
  • Make any necessary corrections and/or collect missing documents
  • Send introductory emails to all parties with executed documents and timelines (Lender, Title, Co-op Agent, Client, HOA)
  • Request copy of all condo documents as required on condo rider
  • Obtain executed condo receipt
  • Confirm application/approval process with HOA, and assist with the application as needed
  • Confirm Escrow has been received
  • Request/Order survey and/or elevation certificate
  • Request title commitment, municipal lien search, and estoppel and send to client
  • Coordinate closing with client and title company
  • Request a preliminary settlement statement to review
Inspection / Repairs
  • Coordinate/Confirm inspections with all parties
  • Draft ICR or repair addenda, if needed
  • Follow up on the progression of repairs, if applicable
  • Confirm buyer has completed their loan application
  • Confirm appraisal ordered and monitor the progression of appraisal
  • Follow up on loan's progression (bound insurance, loan approval, CD acknowledgment, and CTC)
Mid-Transaction to Close
  • Submit the file to your compliance for approval
  • Complete DA and send to title
  • Order home warranty and send to title
  • Coordinate final walkthrough and relay utility information
Post Closing
  • Submit closing documents for final compliance review